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Major Requirements

Major Requirements for
International Studies

In order to declare a major in International Studies, students are required to meet with an advisor. International Studies is an open major, meaning that you don't have to apply or take any prerequisites to declare.

Transfer students: to discuss any questions about major requirements, make an appointment with one of our advisors.

International Studies Major Overview

Major Requirements: 36 Credits

  • One Peoples core course
    • ANTH 1010: Cultural Anthropology
    • HIST 1220: Modern Asian Civilization
    • HIST 1310: Latin American Civilization after the 1820s
    • HIST 1510: World History since 1500
    • PHIL 1003: Intro to Human Nature
    • WLC 2020: Language in Society
  • One Challenges core course
    • ENVST 2100: Intro to Environment & Sustainability
    • GEOG 1400: Human Geography
    • HIST 2200: The World since 1945
    • PHIL 1001: Ethical Dilemmas
  • One Systems core course
    • BUS 2900: International Business
    • ECON 2020: Macroeconomics
    • GEOG 1300: World Geography
    • POLS 2100: Intro to International Politics
    • POLS 2200: Intro to Comparative Politics
  • Foundational Course
    • INTL 3000 (offered each spring semester)
    • This is a new required course only for students who declare the major after Fall 2020
  • Language Requirement (BA or BS requirements)
  • Focus Electives
  • International Experience
    • 3 credit requirement met through either through study abroad or a global internship
    • Credit earned through your international experience may count toward your language, culture, or focus electives if the credit is upper-division and meets elective requirements.
    • DACA/undocumented students: There are alternative ways of completing this requirement domestically. To discuss these, please make an appointment with one of our academic advisors.

Notes: No more than 3 credits from a Hinckley internship may count toward your focus electives and focus electives must come from a minimum of three departments.

Grade Requirements: All major courses must be taken for a minimum letter grade of C or better.




Transfer Students

Major Requirements: 36 Credits

A minimum of 12 International Studies courses totaling 36 credit hours must be completed successfully, including the international experience. Please note that students may complete their international experience through a SLCC credited study abroad program, or a credited study abroad from your previous institution.

SLCC Transfer Students

A portion of these courses may be completed through transfer credit from Salt Lake Community College. See the below major worksheet.


Transfer Students from Utah Institutions

A portion of courses may be completed through transfer credit from another university within the state of Utah. See the transfer guide below.

Utah Transfer Guide

Transfer Students from Out-of-State

A portion of courses may be completed through transfer credit from another university. You will want to speak with an academic advisor to review your transfer coursework and discuss how these apply to the major requirements.

Meet With an Academic Advisor

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