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Honors Degrees

Who is my advisor?

Students who have been accepted into the Honors College and are pursuing an honors degree in International Studies will have two academic advisors--their honors advisor and major advisor. Students should meet regularly with both of their advisors.

IAS Studies Advisors
Amanda Jarvis

Honors Advisor
Karleston Munn

How do I register for my thesis?

Students ready to register for their thesis hours will need to register for the course HONOR 4999: Honor Thesis/Project. You will need to contact your honors advisor for a permission code in order to add this class. 


Who can be my faculty advisor?

International Studies majors wishing to complete an IS honors thesis must have as a thesis advisor a member of the University’s research-active faculty (either tenure or career line) with a demonstrated record of scholarly publication and with expertise in the chosen area of inquiry. Co-advisors are acceptable, where appropriate, to meet these criteria.

How do I find a faculty advisor?

Students who are not yet sure which faculty member(s) they would like to work with can:

  1. Check out the faculty guide. It lists professors who teach approved electives for International Studies.
  2. Then meet with Honors Faculty Advisor and International Studies Director, Hugh Cagle, to discuss your ideas and next steps.


Thesis documents

thesis description


Last Updated: 10/18/22