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International Studies Student Selected as Homecoming Royalty

Janet Tran

Janet Tran pictured bottom row, far right

For this past homecoming, Janet Tran, a senior majoring in International Studies and Management, was recognized as Homecoming Royalty.

Janet is a first-generation student involved with the Mortar Board Honor Society, a teaching assistant for Information Systems, and a community mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Additionally, through the Bennion Center, Janet serves as the Student Program Director and Saturday Service Project Site Leader.

Students who apply to be honored as homecoming royalty are evaluated on “their appreciation of traditions, campus involvement and leadership, commitment to academics, enthusiasm and connection to the theme ’One U’.” From among 80 applications received, Janet was selected as a finalist and received a $1,000 scholarship from the U’s Alumni Association. We are thrilled to see Janet’s achievements be recognized by the Alumni Association. Read more about this year’s Homecoming Royalty here.

Though the Homecoming Royalty Scholarship has passed, there are many scholarship opportunities coming up in the spring semester. For students applying to scholarships, Janet has this advice:

“Apply early and understand the audience that is awarding the scholarship. We all have great stories of how we got to the U and what we have done here so be authentic, define your goals, and explain how you are going achieve your ambitions when writing scholarship essays.”

If you are looking to get involved in campus, Janet encourages students to “reach out to advisors, mentors, and other students for recommendations for what organizations to check out. My favorite spot on campus is the Bennion Center. As a first-generation student, I had a hard time adjusting to higher education because I had few resources or mentors to help me navigate the institution. The center offers a plethora of opportunities for students from all backgrounds and it is where I found a community of peers who helped me create a home at the U.”


Last Updated: 11/4/21