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In order to declare a major or minor in International Studies, students are required to meet with an advisor. International Studies is an open major, meaning that you don't have to apply or take any prerequisites to declare.  

major requirements: 36 credits

  • One Peoples core course
    • ANTH 1010: Cultural Anthropology
    • HIST 1220/1310/1510 (may choose one)
    • PHIL 1003: Intro to Human Nature
    • WLC 2020: Language in Society
  • One Challenges core course
    • ENVST 2100: Intro to Environment & Sustainability
    • GEOG 1400: Human Geography
    • PHIL 1001: Ethical Dilemmas
    • UGS 2230/2235: Global Citizenship 
  • One Systems core course
    • BUS 2900: International Business
    • ECON 2020: Macroeconomics
    • GEOG 1300: World Geography
    • POLS 2100 or 2200: Intro to International or Comparative Politics
  • Language Requirement
    (choose BA or BS degree)
    • Bachelor of Arts: Complete 6 credits of 3000+ level foreign language courses, taught in the target language
    • Bachelor of Science: Complete 6 credits of upper-division culture electives from the approved course list
  • Focus Electives
  • International Experience
    • 3 credit requirement met through either through study abroad or a global internship
    • DACA/undocumented students: There are alternative ways of completing this requirement domestically. To discuss these, please make an appointment with one of our academic advisors.

Notes: No more than 3 credits from a Hinckley internship may count toward your focus electives and focus electives must come from a minimum of three departments.

Grade Requirements: All major courses must be taken for a minimum letter grade of C or better.

BA/BS Worksheet
(2017-2018, 2018-2019)

BA Worksheet (catalog year prior to 2017)

BS Worksheet (catalog year prior to 2017)

International Experience

All students who declare International Studies are required to participate in a learning abroad program or an international internship. Students must earn a minimum of 3 credits during the international experience to fulfill the requirement.  Students have the opportunity to choose from many different programs offered by Learning Abroad or global internships offered through the Hinckley Institute of Politics. Work, military, personal travel, and volunteer experiences DO NOT count toward this requirement.

If you cannot complete a study abroad due to financial, familial, or time constraints, another major is probably a better fit for you. If you are interested in a particular region of the world, consider a major in an area studies program. 

DACA/undocumented students: There are alternative ways of completing this requirement domestically. To discuss these, please make an appointment with one of our academic advisors.

Language Requirement  

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies must complete 6 credits of 3000+ level foreign language courses, taught in the target language. Students may choose a language of study from the foreign languages available through World Languages and Cultures.

Please note American Sign Language (ASL) is not a foreign language.

Honors Degree

To graduate with an Honors Degree in International Studies students must complete 7 additional courses designated by the Honors College and complete an Honors Thesis/Project.  Students interested in an Honors degree should meet with an Advisor in the Honors College to review program requirements and then meet with the Academic Advisor for International Studies to declare an Honors Degree in International Studies.

Honors Thesis/Project
The Honors Thesis/Project must be approved by the Director of International Studies and the Associate Dean of the Honors College at least 3 semesters prior to graduation. For more information on the Honors program visit the Honors College:

Ft. Douglas 619

Language/Culture Electives 

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Studies must complete 6 credits of language/culture electives from the below approved list of courses. 

Course Catalog

Course #

Course Title

CHIN 4610

Narrative Literature (CW)

CLCS 3670

Comparative World Literature & Civ. 

CLCS 3720

Empathy, Medicine, and the Human Condition 

COMM 3190

Intercultural Communication (DV)

COMM 3770 Cross-Cultural Documentary (IR)

COMM 3775

Korean Media & Culture

FRNCH 3800

French Literature in Translation


French Pop Culture

GERM 3750

Grimm's Fairy Tales

HINDI 4610

South Asian Literature & Culture

HINDI 4620

Popular Culture of South Asia

HUM 4900

Indigenous Peoples: Cultural & Social Perspectives

ITAL 3800

Italian Literature in Translation

JAPAN 4680

Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

LING 3470

Language & Culture (IR, HF)

LING 3600

Cross-Cultural Communication (DV)

KOREA 3100

Korean Literature Thru Literature & Film

PERS 4325

Muslim-Americans in the US 

PTGSE 4710

Luso-Brazilian Cinema

RUSS 3560

Soviet Culture (HF)

RUSS 3580

Russia & Asia 


major requirements: 36 credits

A minimum of 12 International Studies courses totaling 36 credit hours must be completed successfully, including the international experience. Please note that students may complete their international experience through a SLCC credited study abroad program.

SLCC Transfer Students

A portion of these courses may be completed through transfer credit from Salt Lake Community College. See the below major worksheet.

SLCC Worksheet

Transfer Students from Utah Institutions 

A portion of courses may be completed through transfer credit from another university within the state of Utah. See the transfer guide below.

Utah Transfer Guide

Transfer Students from Out-of-State

A portion of courses may be completed through transfer credit from another university. You will want to speak with an academic advisor to review your transfer coursework and discuss how these apply to the major requirements.

Meet with an Academic Advisor  

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