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With a major in International Studies, you are required to participate in a learning abroad program or an international internship.  To fulfill the International Experience requirement, you have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of programs offered through Learning Abroad or the Hinckley Institute of Politics. Students must earn a minimum of 3 credits during the international experience to fulfill the requirement. You are encouraged to choose a program that will allow you to apply your knowledge gained through coursework and help you define career interests.Work, military, personal travel, and volunteer experiences DO NOT count toward this requirement. If you cannot complete a study abroad due to financial, familial, or time constraints, another major is probably a better fit for you.


Why study abroad?

The benefits of participating in an international opportunity, whether a study abroad or a global internship, are numerous. Students with an international experience have higher GPAs, graduate faster, and have a jump-start to a career path. With a major or minor in International & Area Studies, why not spend a semester or summer working or studying abroad?

Why intern?

An internship is an excellent opportunity for you to get an inside look at the different types of positions and responsibilities available where you may use your major, minor and/or language experience. Think of it as taking a career test ride before you actually have to decide what you are going to do with your life. You can also gain valuable work experience that will help you in virtually every endeavor, whether you choose to work in government or in the private sector. 


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Learning Abroad offers a variety of programs including summer/spring break/fall break programs led by University of Utah faculty; fall, spring, or academic year exchange programs; and programs offered through approved study abroad providers. With over 200 programs in 50 countries, you will find the perfect fit for your studies!

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Learning Abroad
Union, Room 159
(801) 581-5849


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The Hinckley Institute offers global internships for undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines in more than 40 countries. Academic credit and funding are available for fall, spring, and summer semesters. The Hinckley Institute sends students to various nonprofits, businesses, governments, think tanks, and NGOs across the globe. 

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1. Search through internships
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Contact Information

Hinckley Institute of Politics
BLDG 72, Room 102
(801) 581-8501

Last Updated: 12/28/17