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Applying for Graduation

You are able to apply for graduation through your CIS student account. Before applying for graduation, you should meet with your major and/or minor advisor to review requirements and discuss next steps. 

Graduation Appointments

You may make an appointment with the International Studies academic advisor to review your graduation requirements. Graduation appointments with the International Studies Advisor last approximately 20-30 minutes and you should bring a current copy of your DARS report.. During a graduation appointment, the advisor will review your file and will discuss with you the courses that you need to complete for your major/minor. The advisor will also review any incomplete University requirements.Graduation Application Deadlines

You must complete a graduation application by the deadline, otherwise you will be charged a late fee. Please be aware of the deadline for the semester you plan on graduating. It is a good idea to get an appointment early. A month before the deadline appointments can be hard to obtain.

Spring Graduation (May): November 1
Summer Graduation (August), no ceremony: April 1
Fall Graduation (December): July 1

*If a graduation deadline falls on a weekend applications will be accepted without a fee through the following Monday. For summer graduates, you may particpate in commencement cermonies during the previous spring or the following fall.

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