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You should choose an area of focus based on your academic interests, future academic goals, and career aspirations. The coursework you take as part of your focus will provide the academic background needed when applying for graduate school or a job.

Each focus allows students to arrange their coursework on an international theme and its impact across several regions and disciplinary perspectives. You must choose one focus and choose only approved courses for that focus. 

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Development & Sustainability

Coursework from the Development & Sustainability focus identifies issues related to global population growth, migration, economic development, global climate change, and sustainability. International development attempts to find economic, political, and social solutions to alleviate poverty in developing nations. Students who choose this focus may be interested in working for an international humanitarian organization or development agencies like USAID. Organizations and agencies vary in focus including health, social justice, environment, political participation, and micro finance.

Course Catalog

Course #

Course Title

ANTH 4110/ GNDR 4110

Women Cross Culturally (BF, IR)

ANTH 4181 

Kinship & Marriage 

ANTH 4184 

Hunter-Gatherer Anthropology 

ANTH 4186

 Human Ecology

ANTH 4187 

Economic Anthropology 

ANTH 4245 

Human Migration (IR)

ANTH 4255

Race & Culture (DV)

ANTH 4334 

Population Issues in Anthro. (QB, QI)

BIOL 3440

Global Change Ecology

BIOL 3450 

Rainforest Ecology (SF)

BIOL 3460

Global Environmental Issues (SF, IR)

BUS 3960

Race, Racism and Reparations

CMP 4380

Green Communities 

COMM 4360

Consuming the Earth 

COMM 5615

Globalization and Media

COMM 5620

International Communication (IR)

ECON 5540 

Capitalism & Socialism 

ECON 5560 

Gender & Econ. Development in the Third World 

ENVST 3364 

Global Challenges to Sustainability 

FCS 3430 

Introduction to Family Policy 

FCS 3470 

International Consumer Policy (BF, IR)  


Global Climate Change (SF)

GEOG 3215

Climate Change Impacts *
(pre-requisite GEOG 3210)

GEOG 3270

Global Patterns of Life (CW)

GEOG 3400 

Population Geography (BF, CW)

GEOG 3610 

World Cities (BF)

GEOG 3660

Geography of Africa

GNDR 5765 

Gender & War (IR)

GNDR 5980

Transnational Feminism

HIST 4855

Environmental History of India

HIST 4860

Environmental History of China

MET E 3015

Global Influence Metals (IR, SF)
(no pre-requisite)

PHIL 3730 

Justice & International Affairs (IR)  

PHIL 5710

International Human Rights (IR)

POLS 3620 

United Nations

POLS 5625

International Ethics

PRT 5610 

International Tourism (IR)

SOC 3435

Inequality, Power & Globalization 

SOC 3436 

Global Social Structure & Change

SOC 3446 

Power, Politics, & People

SOC 3480 

Environmental Sociology (IR)

SOC 3486

Global Environmental Crisis 

SOC 3650 

Population & Society * (QB, IR, QI)
(pre-requisite needed)

SOC 3653 

Global Population Problems (IR)

SOC 3741 

Sociology of Migration (IR)

SOC 5657

World Population Policies and Problems

SW 3720 

Immigration & Resettlement (DV)

SW 4100

Global Comm BSD Research (IR)


Foreign Relations & Security

The Foreign Relations & Security focus concentrates on the relationship between nations during times of peace and conflict. Courses in this focus include topics such as terrorism, security policies, globalization, and international law. Foreign Service is an obvious career path for students who choose Foreign Relations and Security but students may also be interested in working for a variety of government agencies. Students may also pursue careers in peace and conflict resolution, law, think tanks or policy centers, or international security organizations.

Course Catalog

Class #

Course Title

COMM 5610 

IT & Global Conflict (IR)

COMM 5620

International Communication (IR)

GEOG 3320 

Terrorism & Security (IR)

GEOG 3420

Political Geography

GEOG 3460 

Military Geography (BF, IR)

GEOG 3660

Geography of Africa

GNDR 5765

Gender and War (IR) 

HIST 3210 

Age of Total War (HF, IR)

HIST 3220

Post-War Europe, 1945-1991 

HIST 4310

Gender & Power in Latin America

HIST 4760

U.S. Foreign Relations: 20th Century

HIST 4765 

The Vietnam War

HIST 4770 

Modern Warfare

HIST 4780 

The Korean War (IR)

HNKLY 4905

John Price Think Tank

PHIL 3730 

Justice & International Affairs (IR)

PHIL 5710 

International Human Rights (IR)

POLS 3410 

European Politics (IR)

POLS 3440

Comparative Politics of Middle East

POLS 3550

Politics of Latin America (IR)

POLS 3620 

United Nations 

POLS 3680 

Globalization & World Politics (IR)

POLS 5410 

New Democracies

POLS 5420 

European Union  (IR)

POLS 5450 

Political Violence & Terrorism

POLS 5460 

International Relations of Africa

POLS 5470

International Relations of Middle East

POLS 5480 

International Relations of East Asia (IR)

POLS 5600

Democracy Latin America (IR)

POLS 5610 

International Law 

POLS 5625

International Ethics

POLS 5630 

Global Governance (IR)

POLS 5660 

American Foreign Policy (IR)

POLS 5690 

Foundations of International Security (IR)

POLS 5710

Intro to IPE (IR)

POLS 5750

Rise of Global Capitalism

POLS 5800 

Theories of International Relations (IR)

SOC 3446 

Political Sociology

SOC 3569 

Terrorism, Violence, & Aggression

WRTG 3019

Writing about War


Global Health

The Global Health focus allows students to study international public health issues.  Students who choose to focus on health may pursue a career as a public health official either domestically or abroad.  Public health officials can educate communities on local health concerns, research infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, or advocate for clean water and the removal of environmental toxins.  Students who choose this focus may continue on to medical school or may pursue degrees in public health, nursing, pharmacy, or other health related fields. 

Course Catalog

Course #

Course Title

ANTH 4130 

The Anthropology of Food

ANTH 4133 

Maternal & Child Health

ANTH 4193 

Medical Anthropology

ANTH 4291

Evolution of Human Health 

ANTH 4334 

Population Issues in Anthropology (QB, QI)

BIOL 3440

Global Change Ecology

BIOL 3460

Global Environmental Issues (SF, IR)

CLCS 3720

Empathy, Medicine, and Human Condition

ETHNC 3590

Pacific Islander Health Disparities

FCS 3470 

International Consumer Policy (BF, IR)

FP MD 4500 

Public Health: A Global Perspective (IR)

FP MD 5028 

International Field Work in Public Health

FP MD 5530 

Global Health

FP MD 5540 

Refugees in Utah-A Public Health Issue

GEOG 3090

Intro to Medical Geography

HIST 4080

History of Medicine 

H EDU 3035 

Medical Spanish

H EDU 3700 

Environmental Health 

H EDU 5060 

International Health Promotion (IR)

NUTR 3620 

Cultural Aspects of Food (IR)

PBHLT 4500

Ph: Global Perspective (IR)

PBHLT 5530

Global Health

PSY 3450 

Cross Cultural Psychology (DV)

SOC 3650 

Population & Society (QB, IR, QI)

SOC 3673 

Social Epidemiology (QB, QI)

SOC 4674 

Global Health (IR)

SPAN 3580 

Health & Culture in Spanish Speaking Countries

SW 3720 

Immigration & Resettlement (DV)


Culture & Identity

The Culture & Identity focus allows students to explore how culture affects human interaction, language, and the arts. Students who choose this focus may work as an international educator promoting cross cultural educational programs or supporting international students in the U.S. They may also work to promote the arts of other cultures through local and international associations or may consult businesses, government, or organizations about the importance of cultural competence.

Course Catalog

Course #

Course Title

ANTH 3121 

Cultures of Africa (IR)

ANTH 3151 

Peoples of the Pacific (IR)

ANTH 4110 

Women Cross Culturally (BF, IR)

ANTH 4130 

The Anthropology of Food 

ANTH 4134 

Anthropology of the Human Mind

ANTH 4135 

Symbolic Anthropology (BF)

ANTH 4255 

Race & Culture (DV)

ANTH 4501

Language in its Social Context 

ART 3010 

Language of Color (IR)

CLCS 3670 

Comparative World Literature & Civilization 

CLCS 3720

Empathy, Medicine, Human Condition

CLCS 3960

Cultures in Contact 

CLCS 4325

Muslim-Americans in the US (DV) 

COMM 3190 

Intercultural Communication (DV) 

COMM 3420 

Performance & Culture (HF)

COMM 3770 

Cross Cultural Documentary (IR)

COMM 5620 

International Communication (IR)

ED PS 4330 

International Children's Literature (IR)

DANCE 4571

Movement in Culture (CW)

ENGL 3780 

Global/Transnational Literature (IR)

ENGL 5930 

Theories of Race, Ethnicity, & Nation 

ENGL 5950 

Theories of Cultures 

FCS 3370 

Parenting & Culture 

FCS 3430 

Introduction to Family Policy

FILM 3250

Developing World Cinema (IR)

FILM 3270

Foreign Eye (IR)

GNDR 4110

Women Cross Culturally (BF, IR)

GNDR 5760 

Gender & Sexuality in Int'l Literature (IR)

GNDR 5765 

Gender & War (IR)

GNDR 5980

Transational Feminism

GNDR 5940

Theory Gender/Sexuality (IR)

LING 3220 

World Englishes  (IR)

LING 3470 

Language & Culture (HF, IR) 

LING 3600 

Cross-Cultural Communication (HF, DV)

MUSC 3600 

World Music (FF, IR)

NUTR 3620 

Cultural Aspects of Food (IR)

PHIL 3640 

World Religions (HF, IR)

SOC 3440 

Sociology of Religion (BF)

SP ED 3020 

Special Education Globalization &
International Perspectives (IR)

WRTG 3019 

Writing about War (CW)

WRTG 4010 

Writing for International Audiences (CW, IR)

WRTG 4890 

Writing, Persuasion & Power


Trade & Commerce

Coursework from the Trade & Commerce focus allows students to investigate how business is conducted in other countries and to study the interconnectedness of world economies. In an age of globalization, doing business often means doing business abroad.  To do so effectively, students must be able to effectively communicate and market products across borders. Students who choose this focus may be interested in working within a realm of international business or with a federal agency that focuses on international economic development.

Course Catalog

Course #

Course Title

ACCTG 5140

International Accounting $ (IR)

ANTH 4187 

Economic Anthropology

BUS 3840 

Geography of China $

BUS 3840 

Global Economic & Business Geography $

BUS 3870 

Contemporary Chinese Society $

BUS 3910 

The Business of Global Media $

BUS 3930 

Fair Trade Initiatives in Africa $

BUS 3940 

India & Globalization in the Business World $

BUS 3960

Race, Racism and Reparations

BUS 4815

International Contexts of Business $

CHIN 3510

Business Chinese (in Chinese)

ECON 3500 

International Economics (QI, IR)

ECON 3540 

Current Economic Problems

ECON 5080 

Marxian Economics (CW)

ECON 5400

Mid East Economic History

ECON 5410 

European Economic History

ECON 5420 

China & the Global Economy (IR)

ECON 5430 

Asian Economic History (IR)
(pre-requisite ECON 2010 & 2020)

ECON 5460

Latin American Economic History & Development

ECON 5510 

International Monetary Relations
(pre-requisite ECON 4020 & 3200 or 3500)

ECON 5520 

Multinational Firms (ECON 4010 & 4020)

ECON 5540 

Capitalism & Socialism

ECON 5550

International Trade Policy

ECON 5560 

Gender & Economic Development in the Third World

FCS 3470 

International Consumer Policy (BF, IR)

FINAN 4550 

International Finance $# (IR)
(pre-requisite FINAN 3040 or 3041) 

FRNCH 4510

French Business and Current Issues (in French)

GEOG 3440 

Global Economic Geography (IR, BF)

HIST 3910

Global Capitalism

JAPAN 3510/3520 Commercial Japanese (in Japanese)

MGT 4900 

International Management $# (IR)

MKTG 4840 

International Marketing $# (IR)
(pre-requisite MKTG 3000 or 3010)

OIS 5620

Global Supply Chain Mgt $ (IR)

POLS 3680

Globalization and World Politics

POLS 5710

Politics of Int'l Economics Relations (IR)

POLS 5750

Rise of Global Capitalism

PRT 5610

International Tourism (CW)

SOC 3435 

Inequality, Power, & Globalization

SPAN 3510/3520

Business Spanish (in Spanish)

STRAT 4900

International Management $ (IR)

European Studies

The European Studies' focus allows students to analyze European art, literature, history, and politics to gain a deeper understanding of the region. Through this study, students will expand their insight into current issues Europe is facing.  Students who choose this focus may pursue work within European politics, business, education, or other industries, and bring their regional insight into those fields.

Course Catalog

Course #

Course Title

ANTH 3126

Mediterranean Cultures (BF, IR)

ANTH 3127

Peoples of Europe (BF, IR)


Any 3000+ level Art History course focusing on European art                 

ECON 5410

Survey of European Economic History 


Any 3000+ level English course focusing on European literature

ENGL 5860 

Studies in Post Colonial Literature


Any 3000+ level French course                   


Any 3000+ level German course 


Any 3000+ level History course focusing on European history periods                                               

LING 3000+ 

Any 3000+ level Linguistics course focusing on European languages 

POLS 3410 

European Politics (IR)                

POLS 3480

Eastern European Politics (IR)

POLS 5420 

The European Union (IR)

POLS 5620 

Issues of European Security       

RUSS 3000+ 

Any 3000+ level Russian course

SPAN 3000+  

Any 3000+ level Spanish course                

THEA 3791 

Absurd Theatre (HF)

THEA 5010 

Acting & Directing Shakespeare


Language/Culture Electives 

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in International Studies must complete 6 credits of language/culture electives from the below approved list of courses. 

Course Catalog

Course #

Course Title

CHIN 4610

Narrative Literature (CW)

CLCS 3670

Comparative World Literature & Civ. 

CLCS 3720

Empathy, Medicine, and the Human Condition 

COMM 3190

Intercultural Communication (DV)

COMM 3770

Cross-Cultural Documentary (IR)

COMM 3775 Korean Media & Culture 

FRNCH 3800

French Literature in Translation


French Pop Culture

GERM 3750

Grimm's Fairy Tales

HINDI 4610

South Asian Literature & Culture

HINDI 4620

Popular Culture of South Asia

HUM 4900

Indigenous Peoples: Cultural & Social Perspectives

ITAL 3700

Italian Cinema

ITAL 3800

Italian Literature in Translation

JAPAN 4680

Modern Japanese Literature in Translation

LING 3470

Language & Culture (IR, HF)

LING 3600

Cross-Cultural Communication (DV)

KOREA 3100

Korean Literature Thru Literature & Film

PERS 4325

Muslim-Americans in the US 

PTGSE 4710

Luso-Brazilian Cinema

RUSS 3560

Soviet Culture (HF)

RUSS 3580

Russia & Asia 


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